G About

      My name is Donny Brewer.  My entire life I have been focused on art.  From drawing in class on my grade school papers to being the only one awake in college art history, it has been a part of me.  It was only after I was fired from my art supplies job for being on the road with a band, that I realized that my artistic nature expanded to music.  And well, it paid better than trying to sell chalk drawings of my roommates.

     Performing and recording music became my career while visual art took a back seat.  But writers gotta write, dancers gotta dance, and artists have to… well… you get it.  So for a while I just did commission work and supported my local community with pro bono work including parade floats and window murals.  But finally I’ve gotten back into the commercial end of it with website, album cover, & logo design.  The computer screen has become my new canvas, the mouse my brush.  And clean up is a lot easier!

   These days I am open to any kind of artwork from pencil portraits and murals to photoshopping and web pages.  In short, if it’s artsy, I do it.