R About

Hi, my name is Donny Brewer, musician since 1985, engineer since 1995.  I began home recording in the late nineties and quickly turned a few mics and a computer into a working studio.  When I built my own log home in Lytton Springs, Texas, in 1999, somehow my wife let me install the studio right in the house.  It features a bass catching ceiling, strategically placed outlets, and wall dampering created by my hot wheels collection (don’t laugh, it deadens the room like magic!).  I run Presonus and Line6 input interfaces with Cubase 5 (although Protools or other software tracks can always be transferred).

Since its inception, Cowpatty Studios has always been booked with a songwriter or band.  That’s something I’m very proud of since I’ve never advertised.  Until now, it’s all been word of mouth.

Because I play practically every instrument (except fiddle and pedal steel) the studio is sought out by mostly singer/songwriters, but is fully capable of recording full bands, in studio or on location.  Being an avid songwriter, I have no problem collaborating or adding to your music at whatever level you’re comfortable with.  My goal is to get the best music possible on tape (Yep, us old school guys still say “tape” even though it’s all ones and zeros!).